Almost everything you’ve ever wanted to know about creatine

Far and away one of the most popular bodybuilding and fitness focused supplements you’re ever going to come across, the reason that creatine is so popular is really simple – it flat-out works!

Millions and millions of athletes all over the world take advantage of creatine on a daily basis, and while many are under the misconception that it’s essentially a “steroid light” kind of bodybuilding supplement, nothing could be further from the truth (though it is certainly going to produce fantastic results for those that utilize it in conjunction with a proper training protocol).

If you are wondering whether or not creatine is going to be able to help you transform your body as effortlessly as you had hoped you’ll want to pay close attention to all of the inside information we have for you below.

Just want can I expect from using creatine on a regular basis?

Though we would love to tell you nothing more than that creatine will completely and totally transform your body in record time, helping you pack on pounds and pounds of lean muscle mass in a hurry, it’s impossible to know EXACTLY what creatine is going to do for you until you try it for a while.


The individual impact of creatine on the human body is always going to be significantly different than someone else, but you should be able to expect:

  • Significantly improved strength
  • Dramatically improved recovery time and
  • Faster generation of new lean muscle mass

Will creatine put a lot of extra strain on my kidneys?

A lot of people are very concerned that creatine is going to work your kidneys to the bone, but that isn’t really the truth.

Your kidneys are already pretty advanced and removing impurities and toxins from the body, and anything that cannot be used by your body in creatine is going to be fleshed out in your urine effortlessly.

Don’t let the worriers trick you into believing that creatine will somehow shut your kidneys down.

It won’t.

Are there any side effects to using creatine on a regular basis?

That being said, there are certainly some risk factors that you’re going to want to be aware of when you decide to supplement with creatine – though they are quite mild.

A lot of people are going to bloat because of the water retention properties of creatine, and many people are going to notice some mild stomach discomfort and even diarrhea when they are first starting to take this supplement during the “loading phase”.

Thankfully though, these side effects pass rather quickly and as mentioned above they aren’t anywhere near dangerous or life-threatening.


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