Almost instantly improve your life through meditation

People don’t roll their eyes nearly as much today when someone tells them that they’ve been able to transform their life through meditation as they used to in the past.

That’s because meditation is no longer seen as the kind of “woo” hippie nonsense that people thought it was previously, and because a lot of modern research has shown that there are significant benefits to meditating that folks need to take advantage of today.

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Research published by MIT over there one of the most prestigious universities in the world) clearly states that even just being mindful of the present moment – one of the core tenets and first things you’ll learn when meditating – can have a tremendously beneficial impact on your health and help you melt stress away whenever you are feeling overwhelmed.

There are other benefits to meditating that you’ll enjoy as well, and here are some of the most significant ones.

You’ll be able to improve your immune system

When your body comes under attack by foreign agents, bacteria, or infections your immune system kicks into high gear and releases millions and millions of T cells into the body. At times like this, we usually end up taking medications.  Some of these such as antibiotics and other powerful medicines can be harmful.   Yet others – and here I’m thinking of strong painkillers like codeine – can be addictive, and if your dumb enough to buy them on the internet even dangerous.

These T cells immediately go to work to destroy whatever it is that is causing you harm and pain, though the T cells themselves become less and less effective over time for a variety of different reasons. But by meditating and eliminating stress and pressure in your body you can slow down the “false positive” release of T cells, keeping your cells in reserve until you actually need them.

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You can kick depression to the curb

People that practice meditation for up to 30 minutes a day and then follow that meditation with 30 minutes of aerobic exercise experience significantly less depression and negative impacts from stress and pressure than those that do not according to information published in Translation PSYCHIATRY.

You’ll be able to regenerate healthy cells faster, improve your body’s ability to deal with stress, and generally boost your overall mood and the efficiency of your endorphins in a way that prescription drugs are capable of – all without any chemical cocktails entering your body.

You are going to sleep like a baby

According to information published by the JAMA Internal Medicine medical journal, 49% of people that are of middle age or older were able to dramatically improve their quality of sleep in a research study by simply meditating for 15 minutes before bed.

It’s well worth investigating on your own!


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